©2019 by Patrick Christopher Ehler.


By Patrick Christopher Ehler

If you feel the call to reconnect with your intuition and your cells, my biggest hope is that my new book will be your guide to wholeness, peace, and love.

With all of my heart ❤️ Patrick

We can learn to utilize our inner guide the intuition to integrate a life in joy. It is the deep dimension of communicating with the individual cellular needs. It is learning to integrate what wisdom our emotions and experiences behold. This book integrates science and wisdom and combines both for a deeper understanding of the power that intuition has to offer. There is something beyond what we think is reality, something hidden beyond what we think the apparent world is. It is about practicing to unpractice what we are sure of is the reality. It is about the freedom of joyful creation. By learning to invite yourself into ‘yourCellf’ you deepen individual wisdom, inspirations, well-being, spiritual alignment, and health. It is the most intimate invitation that you will ever receive, inviting yourself back home into yourself. 

The book is available online or in your local book stores.