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Topics that move me:




Value-Based Team Building

Holistic Health at Work

Prevention of Dis-Ease ​

Organizational Development 

Sustainable Peace Building

Emotional Intelligence


Soft Skills

Nutritional Science

Metabolising Experiences

-It is about being well.

Fan of the work of

Brené Brown, 

Timothy Ferris,

Jim Collins,

Melanie Joy


AND .... Adoring Clubhouse



I contribute:

- As an ambassador for the Education Alliance for Sustainability at the City Council of Augsburg.   

- As a teacher to the Google born neuroscience-based emotional intelligence and mindfulness program of

- As the Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Association of Emotional Intelligence 

- As a collaborator at project

For an introduction call or brainstorm for 20minutes - please choose any of the free slots here at Calendly


Intuition shows reality as it is and gifts us with increased mental clarity. This supports us in any circumstance to take decisions from our inner stillness. We live more inspired, creative and ‘IntelliGently’.

-It is about joy.


-It is about inspiration.


Books and Publications


-It is about health.


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-It is about peace.