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Welcome, it is a joy to connect.

I'm Patrick. I'm Creator. The works I develop and contribute to are focusing on the flourishing of the individual and society.

I'm inspired by developing emotional multi-medium-based, lyrical, video-graphic, and photographic works in analog and virtual environments.

AND... I adore writing, Lyric, Poetry, Prosa, Monologue, and Dialogue...

#Storytelling #EmotionalIntelligence #Belonging


My Contributions

I contribute:

- As an ambassador for the Education Alliance.

- As a facilitator to the Google-born neuroscience-based emotional intelligence and mindfulness program of

- As the Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Association of Emotional Intelligence.

- As a collaborator for project.

- As a Creator on Instagram

- As a Co-Creative Director together with Sabine Rottmann at the Virtual Reality Project from the Local Agenda 21Century, 

the Office of Sustainability, and Not Yet Visible.

- As an Actor and aspiring Virtual and Analog Filmmaker.

Film Crew

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