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Patrick Ehler was born in 1988 in Germany. After several years of autodidactism studying core concepts in life sciences, he took courses in the ground principles of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and immunology at Harvard Medical School HMX. He acquired a deeper knowledge of biochemical constitutions, molecular biological structures and the core medical concepts of treatment and prevention of disease. 

Since 2012, Patrick has been working intensively on recent studies on epigenetics, microbiology, salutogenesis, nutritional science and theories of intuitive nutrition that all together are the key to a healthy and joyful life. His work is about improving global health and global peace through cultivating intuitive choices. Patrick is the author of the book Intuition Routine. A holistic life is the integration of psychological and physiological factors. 

Patrick lives and shares so from his heart.  

'As we 'feel well-being' and are inspired guided by intuitive choices, whatever we do becomes sustainable for ourselves and others. When we understand what opens us and what closes us we may see that there are choices which interact with the way we experience life. Intuitive living gives the choice to turn life into a collaborative experience.'

Patrick contributes:

- To the Paracelsus Naturopathic School

with projects regarding holistic medicine

- As an ambassador for the education alliance for sustainability.   

- As a teacher to the Google born neuroscience-based emotional intelligence and mindfulness program of

- As a member to the Federal Association of Emotional Intelligence 

- As a collaborator at TheRelevent​ Project

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-It is about a holistic approach.



By Patrick Christopher Ehler

If you feel the call to reconnect with your intuition and your cells, my biggest hope is that my new book will be your guide to wholeness, peace, and love.

With all of my heart ❤️ Patrick

We can learn to utilize our inner guide the intuition to integrate a life in joy. It is the deep dimension of communicating with the individual cellular needs. It is learning to integrate what wisdom our emotions and experiences behold. This book integrates science and wisdom and combines both for a deeper understanding of the power that intuition has to offer. There is something beyond what we think is reality, something hidden beyond what we think the apparent world is. It is about practicing to unpractice what we are sure of is the reality. It is about the freedom of joyful creation. By learning to invite yourself into ‘yourCellf’ you deepen individual wisdom, inspirations, well-being, spiritual alignment, and health. It is the most intimate invitation that you will ever receive, inviting yourself back home into yourself. 

The book is available online or in your local book stores.

Download the freely accessible Essence of Intuition Routine here. 




Book your consultation and let's speak about cellular regeneration, metabolizing experiences, rejuvenation, biology of health, easing of dis-ease, the impact of endocrine disruptors and supporters on health, natural healing practices, correlations of mental health and nutrition, nutrigenomics, detoxing, fasting, natural medicine, intuitive eating, prevention of dis-ease, how to increase productivity by holistic living, practices for well-wanting choices, cultivate intuition, let's speak about what the momentum will bring up... Looking with joy forward to connect. Please click here.

The Paracelsus academy is one of seven professional associations of free therapists with the Paracelsus Neuropathy Academies. With 54 locations and for over 40 years, Paracelsus is the most important training institute for naturopathy and free psychotherapy in the German-speaking countries. Paracelsus Magazine has set itself the goal of promoting valuable knowledge about physiological and psychological health in its diversity, exchanging it with colleagues and passing it on to the population.

How do the best leaders manage change, stay resilient, and inspire growth?

Developed at Google by leading experts in neuroscience, business, and psychology, we teach you the practical mindful leadership and emotional intelligence tools to bring out your best.

What began as a mindful leadership initiative within Google has spread to over 30 countries and 100 cities around the world. SIY has been proven to: reduce stress, improve focus, raise peak performance, and improve interpersonal relationships.


It is about the power of Intuition and the wisdom our experiences have to offer. Turning the mirror neurons “inward” towards ourselves provides a neural basis of introspection, and thus creates the basis for an analysis of our own experiences. It is a holistic approach to metabolize and integrate physiological and psychological experiences for a life that is lived joyfully. It is about inviting ourselves back into 'ourcellfs'.


Intuition shows reality as it is and gifts us with increased mental clarity. This supports us in any circumstance to take decisions from our inner stillness. We live more inspired, creative and ‘IntelliGently’.

-It is about joy.



What I Have Learned


August 2018

Fundamentals in Genetics

The foundational concepts in genetics give insight into the rapidly evolving field of genomics. The ground principles of genetics span the field from basic to advanced genetics. Fundamentals in Genetics include an Overview of Genetics, The Central Dogma and Genetic Variation, Mendelian Inheritance of Disease, Identifying Mendelian Disease Genes, Chromosomal Aberrations, The Genetics of Cancer, Common Complex Traits, Human Population Genetics, Beyond the Genome Sequence, and Genetics and Precision Medicine.

Most conditions have some genetic basis, and a scientific revolution enabled by genomic technologies is changing the way that many diseases are diagnosed and treated as well as providing insight into health, risk factors, and disease prevention. It shows the importance that the understanding of genetics has never been more important for the practice of medicine.


August 2018

The foundational concepts in immunology are a basis for understanding a broad range of medical conditions. Physiology Fundamentals focuses on principles important for understanding innate and adaptive immunological responses. The Immunology and the Immune System, Innate Immunity and Inflammation, Microbial Recognition and Responses, Antibodies – Structure and Function, Lymphocyte Development and Diversity, T Cell Activation by Antigens, T Cell-Dependent B Cell Responses, Helper and Cytotoxic T Cells, Failures of the Immune System, and Novel Immune Therapies.

A solid understanding of immunology is becoming increasingly important in medicine, as more therapies target the immune system and more diseases are known to have an immunologic basis.


August 2018

The foundational concepts in biochemistry from HMS express how this field applies to human health and disease. Here biochemistry focuses on the foundational principles and themes in biochemistry, spanning from the molecular up to the whole organism. Which explain the overview of Biochemistry, The Rules of Energy, How Energy is Harnessed, How Energy is Transformed, How Cells Compartmentalize, How Cells Specialize, How Cells Communicate, and The Chemistry of Life.

A solid understanding of biochemical principles is essential for the practice of medicine because so many different diseases and therapies have a basis in chemistry and the interactions of molecules.


August 2018

The foundational concepts in physiology explain how the material is used in taking care of patients. These physiology principles are important for understanding multiple organ systems and covers Partial Pressure, Movement of Body Fluids, Flow Through Tubes, Compliance, Supply and Demand, Transmural Pressure, Dynamic and Steady State Conditions, Acid–Base, Homeostasis, and Exercise – Integration.


'Constant dropping shapes the stone.'



-It is about inspiration.





My Favourites

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Intuitive Intelligence is the integration of emotional experiences and physiological ones. It brings together wisdom that reality and imagination offer to us. It is an understanding of the individual given instinctive behavior. It is seeing what is beyond our often convicted and believing mind. Intuitive Intelligence is the skill of communicating with one's cellular wisdom. 'It is the invitation from myself to come back into mycellf.'


It is about improving Global Health. About the power, our habits and consumption behaviors have regarding the outcome of health. This is a global integration to care about health and healthcare and to learn more about how to measure and improve that care – for ourselves, for institutions, and countries. Integrating the wisdom of science and holistic approaches gives us concrete solutions to integrate change.

IGH is assembled by leading thinkers from around the globe – not only people who are experts – but people with real, hands-on experience running organizations, hospitals, and ministries of health. It is a collaborative work we all in a sense share on this planet.


EI is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one's goal(s). There is a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and general health . Also, results indicated that emotional perception and emotional utilization are predictors of general health.


-It is about health.




Measure and improve care, for institutions and countries. Improving Global Health gives concrete tools which empower to raise questions, propose concrete solutions, and promote change.


Sustaining Peace provides an in-depth introduction to the multiple roles that natural resources and the environment play in the onset, and resolution of, and recovery from, conflicts. Many of the considerations and approaches in also relevant to understanding and addressing social conflicts around natural resources and the environment. Environmental peacebuilding has emerged as a new frontier in interdisciplinary studies. It offers a conceptual and operational framework to understand the positive peacebuilding potential of natural resources across the conflict lifecycle while mitigating potential risks.


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Harvard Business School, will provide businesses with strategies, tactics, and tools to gain a competitive advantage by implementing a Culture of Health to address these issues and stay ahead. Embracing a Culture of Health can improve your employees’ well-being as well as the health of your consumers, your communities, and the environment. A Culture of Health can help you to reduce costs, increase revenues and profits, and enhance your company’s reputation. 

For example, employees who work in a healthy and safe environment spend less time away from work for health reasons, decreasing interruptions, while increasing output and employee retention. When employees and customers spend less on health care, they have more disposable income to spend on non–health care needs, boosting the economy, and benefiting your business.

Strengthening your business using the Culture of Health approach will enhance the greater good by promoting well-being—benefitting society, your business and employees, your customers and communities, and you.


What impact can lifestyle habits have on healthy ageing? Can small changes in our daily routine improve our quality of life and prevent or delay the onset of illnesses in advanced age? What can older adults and their carers do to promote healthy ageing? How can we support health promotion in the elderly population?

“Multimodal strategies to promote a healthy brain in aging: Innovative evidence-based tools (MULTI-MODE)”, and in collaboration with the project “Caregiving and Ageing Reimagined for Europe (CARE Campus)”. 

Both projects are unique partnerships of academic institutions, industry partners and governmental agencies, and have been supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health), which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing, and improvements in healthcare.  More information on the CARE Campus courses, work and resources can be found at By looking closely at the different aspects of lifestyle behaviours and their impact on our health as we get older, we can take action and promote healthy habits in ourselves and those we care for. 


-It is about peace.

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